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 Follow the header from left to right starting at "Refuge for Queer Being," to view her works chronologically. This website showcases the past 7 years of making with a focus in her college and post-grad years.


Portrait for SF Workshops edit.jpg

Photograph made in Seattle's Seward Park by Anna Morris

Jenna Tessler "Jay" (she/her/they) is a queer photographer and interdisciplinary artist who resides in Oakland, California. She completed her degrees in the spring of 2021, earning a B.F.A in Photography and a minor in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University's schools of Art & Design and Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Jenna assists established artists- Printmakers, Beth Fein & Donna Westerman, and painter, Eileen Starr ModerbacherWith these clients, she has gained experience in artwork archiving, book design, art marketing, and has learned a bit about painting in the process, taking gesso to panels and doing touch ups for pieces that are soon to be installed for gallery shows.

As of this year, Jenna is a new volunteer with First Exposures in San Francisco, a program that matches middle/ high school students passionate about photography with local artists mentors.


Upcoming: In March 2023, she will begin an internship with the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA. 

CV / Resumé

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