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Portrait for SF Workshops edit.jpg

Photograph made in Seattle's Seward Park by Anna Morris

 Follow the header from left to right starting at "Refuge for Queer Being," to view her works chronologically. This website showcases the past 7 years of making with a focus in her college and post-grad years.


Jenna Tessler "Jay" (she/her/they) is a practicing photographer and writer who resides in San Francisco, California. She completed her degrees in the spring of 2021, earning a B.F.A in Photography and a minor in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University.

In 2023, Jenna traveled around working in and being a visiting artist at residencies and education centers such as- HCA (Headlands Center for the Arts) Sausalito, CA, Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA, and Alchemy Art Center Friday Harbor Island, WA. 

Independently, she also works in freelance as a personal archivist, artist assistant, event photographer, and gallery assistant to Micki Meng (Chinatown SF). 

Recently- Jenna completed a 3-month artist in residence program at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA. Her forthcoming book project, "Define: Book," is scheduled to be released in 2024 (date TBD). 

To their knowledge, this is the first art book of its kind to showcase the sibling perspective (to someone with a disability).

Read her full statement on the project here.

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