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 Follow the header from left to right starting at "Refuge for Queer Being," to view her works chronologically. This website showcases the past 7 years of making with a focus in her college and post-grad years.


Portrait for SF Workshops edit.jpg

Jenna Tessler "Jay" (she/her/they) is a practicing photographer who resides in Oakland, California. She completed her degrees in the spring of 2021, earning a B.F.A in Photography and a minor in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University.

Jenna works in freelance as a personal archivist, artist assistant, and event photographer. Some of her clients include, printmakers, Beth Fein & Donna Westerman, and painter, Eileen Starr Moderbacher. She has photographed for In Cahoots Residency & at events through Headlands Center for the Arts (HCA).

She recently completed an internship living and working at HCA in Sausalito, CA (March-July 2023). They have been an assistant teacher with Camp Kala, Berkeley, CA and the Teen Workshops at Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA.

Upcoming- Jenna will be a working artist in resident at Alchemy Art Center on Friday Harbor, WA for October 2023. 

Photograph made in Seattle's Seward Park by Anna Morris

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